Free 3D Spotlight Models 20


The Lights file is designed from 3dsmax software and rendered with Vray, bringing a modern spot light design with bright yellow light. This design is especially suitable for office, residential and exhibition spaces, creating a beautiful and professional space. With a warm yellow light source, this spot light creates a soft light atmosphere and creates a cozy feeling. The yellow light from the spot light is softly emitted, creating a delicate and beautiful picture of light in the space. This helps to create a friendly and comfortable environment for work, daily living or displaying works of art. With a combination of black and white plastic materials, this spot light has a modern and sophisticated feel. Black plastic material provides unique and special to the design, while white plastic material creates sophistication and cleanliness. This combination not only creates a beautiful design but also highlights the golden light and creates accents for the surrounding space.

Free 3D Spotlight Models 20
Free 3D Spotlight Models 20 – Model3dpro

This Light File can easily be integrated into modern designs. With its elegant and sophisticated look, it will be a perfect addition to office, home or exhibition spaces. This spot light is compatible with a wide variety of architectures and interior styles, from modern, industrial spaces to traditional or classic spaces. With this Light file, users can easily customize and change the parameters to fit the specific requirements of the space. Lighting angle, brightness, color and light direction can be adjusted to create unique lighting effects



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