Japanese tea room 3D model


Free 3d Tea Room, designed with 3ds Max software and using Vray rendering engine, gives people a wonderfully beautiful space and enjoys the blend of tea aroma and cool nature. This tea room is inspired by classical Chinese style, using mainly natural wood in design and decoration, creating a cozy and attractive space. In the tea room, the desk from natural wood is the main highlight, bringing a minimalist and luxurious beauty. The table top is selected from wood with natural grain, creating a beautiful decorative array. Around the table, classical chairs are meticulously crafted, ensuring comfort and relaxation for customers who come to enjoy tea. The space around the room is also covered with wood, creating a warm and traditional environment.

Japanese tea room 3D model
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To add sophistication and elegance, the table top is decorated with special decorative items. On the surface of the table, we can see teapots, tea cups and cups, costumes for serving tea, and especially a small miniature bonsai tree. These items not only beautify but also create a relaxing and peaceful space, blending with the atmosphere of the tea room. This 3D tea room file is an extremely useful resource for architects and designers. With the help of this file, they can easily find ideas and build beautiful Japanese-style spaces and tea ceremony spaces. From exploring angles and lighting in the tea room to experimenting and refining design elements, this 3D tea room file is an indispensable source of inspiration and tool.



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